The Mahomes Are Setting Up For A Great Life After Football With Another Business Venture.

Whitehouse Alum Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany early on in their marriage were constantly talked about in the "tabloids" for things off the football field but over the last few years, they have received more POSITIVE attention for what they are doing for the Kansas City community as a whole.

Patrick Has Already Invested His Money In Several Ventures Including Bringing Texas' Beloved Whataburger To The Area.


Having one of the richest contracts in football can afford you to make some moves outside of football. Mahomes already has plans to bring Whataburger to KC and he's also one of the few athletes in pro sports that can be on the field playing and in the "owners box" because he's also part of the ownership group of the Kansas City Royals in Major League Baseball and part owner of Sporting Kansas City in Major League Soccer.

Now He's Joining The Ownership Group For Women's Pro Soccer Team KC Current.



According to a press release from the team, The Kansas City Current announced today that Patrick Mahomes will join the club’s ownership group; becoming the first active NFL player to have equity in an NWSL team. Patrick will be joining alongside current owners Angie and Chris Long and his wife Brittany who was already listed as a "co-owner" and helped launch the team in 2020.

The Kansas City Current Plays In The NWSL.

With a new training facility that just finished completion and stadium being built, Mahomes seems to be getting in with the Current at the right team as the Current are coming off a loss in the NWSL Championship game in 2022 but the team looks poised for a great run for years to come. If you need a "women's soccer team" to root for in East Texas, this is the one.

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