To say that the brutal killing of 52-year old Antonio Williams two weeks ago has left the community in shock would be a massive understatement.  The United States Postal Service mail carrier was reportedly shot several times on June 22nd while he was making his usual rounds.

According to a statement from the victim's daughter, Williams happened upon a couple arguing in South Highlands.  She claims that her father thought that the man was getting violent with the woman, and intervened in order protect her causing the man to shoot Antonio several times.  He would later die of his injuries.

Lakiesha Bryant wants policy makers to provide more protection for men like Antonio Williams in the form of bulletproof vests.  Even though postal workers don't receive military training, Bryant argues that postal workers provide mail service to safe and dangerous neighborhoods alike - and they deserve appropriate protection.

Bryant has launched a petition, aimed at forcing the USPS to have a discussion about whether our mail carriers should have some protection during their duly-appointed rounds.  The original goal was 1,500 signatures, but that goal has already been surpassed.  At the time off this report, there were 1,780 signatures.  The new goal is 2500.

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