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A Longview favorite is expanding to the north side of town.

With humble beginnings in Tyler, Pizza King owners opened a second location in Longview in 1954 and for decades now they have been serving up some of the best and memorable pizza for Longview and East Texas. Getting your hands on and sinking your teeth into one of the best local pizzas made on Marshall Avenue sometimes comes with a lengthy wait, but it's all worth it. This has been the lone location for decades, but thanks to new ownership, getting your hands on a Pizza King pizza is going to be a bit easier, especially if you live on the north side of Longview.

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Pizza King will soon be expanding to the north side by opening up a take-out-only location. The new location will be located on Fourth St. in the former Baskin Robbins location. It was posted on a Longview social media account that the Baskin Robbins on Fourth St. closed for the final time this past Sunday saying it will soon become the site of a new Pizza King location. After calling and speaking with a Pizza King manager to confirm what was online, they said yes and that remodeling construction was slated to begin Thursday (November 18th).

What will be on the menu at the new Pizza King location?

This new location of Pizza King will be a take-out location only. There will be no inside dining and they will have a limited menu as compared to the location on Marshall Ave. The manager said the menu for this new to-go location is still being developed. They did not give an approximate date on the opening of the new location and just said construction would begin on Thursday.

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After reading the post on social media there seemed to be quite a few people that were upset because they were losing their favorite ice cream shop. According to a Longview News-Journal report, the current owners, who also own Wendy's next door, Pizza King and Baskin Robbins, were working with the parent company to find another franchisee.

Where can you get your Baskin Robbins fix?

Baskin Robbins is still available in East Texas, but for Longview residents to satisfy that craving they'll have to drive to Kilgore or Tyler to get those 31 flavors. Baskin Robbins is located inside the TA Travel Center on Highway 42 N at I-20. There's also a location in Tyler on WSW Loop 323 @ Kinsey Dr.

Google Street View
Google Street View

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