Cows in Texas aren't anything out of the ordinary.  Driving down the interstate anywhere in Texas you'll see cattle on miles of land.

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Driving through Plainview, you'll see cattle on the land, but you'll also see them on the streets of Plainview.

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Now the cows on the streets of Plainview aren't live cows, they are creatively painted cow statues.  Back in 2000, Plainview created this art installation of painted cows throughout the city.   Initially, the city had close to 50 of these cows on display at different businesses.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Back in 2015, the Plainview Herald published an article where the Plainview Chamber of Commerce was looking for stray cows in the community.  A resurgence of sorts was occurring and with new businesses moving into town at the time, they were hoping to recycle the cows to be repainted and displayed proudly.

Since 2015, many of the cows have wandered off into the sunset and it seems there are less than 20 left in the town.

This beauty is still on display but has lost the bikini and the Mustang.

Amarillo has a similar art installation but it is with horses all around town. It is called Hoof Prints and was and is a way for Center City to raise funds.

Sarah Clark/TSM
Sarah Clark/TSM

Businesses can still get horses for their business.  You know when you see a horse in Amarillo it is a part of the

The most popular of the cows that are still standing is at the McDondald's in Plainview right off I-27.  The cow herd made the Roadside America attraction list in 2015.

The Cow Herd of Plainview

Back in 2000 the Plainview Chamber of Commerce created a Cow Herd of fiberglass cows that stampeded into the city.

Some still stand some are long gone.

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