To be fair there are lots of places in Tyler, Texas that serve delicious sandwiches. But it wasn’t long ago that we had Jimmy John’s open in Tyler, unfortunately through an ownership change the popular sandwich shop closed. But I have great news as I got confirmation that Jimmy John’s will be reopening in Tyler this week. 

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Late last year I wrote an article about how sad I was that the sandwich shop closed its doors. Like so many of us I was going through a sandwich phase where Jimmy John’s sandwiches just always sounded good, so when I saw that they closed I was disappointed. But it was because of that article that someone reached out to me about the new Jimmy John’s once again being open for people in Tyler. 

When Will Jimmy John’s Reopen Their Doors in Tyler? 

The new owner of Jimmy John’s in Tyler is Alexander, and one of his proud family members contacted me to tell me they will reopen this week. I didn’t get a specific date as to when they would open, so of course I called the previous phone number for each store but couldn’t connect with anyone.  

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This is Fantastic News for Tyler 

Besides another fantastic sandwich shop being opened in Tyler again, this is great as it’s creating a few more jobs for our area. While we might not have an exact date and time as to when the doors will be open, we will soon it’s just a matter of days until we can get those sandwiches freaky fast.  

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