Keep Scrolling to See What Happens if You Push the Button


As the great movie Men in Black once said, "Oh, the red button there kid, don't ever, ever touch the red button!"

However, we all want to touch the big red button when we see one. If you happen to be visiting Houston, Texas. You will notice this button sitting on the Preston Bridge in the city.

What's weird about it? It says nothing on it. It's just a red button sitting on the bridge with no marker or anything. If you're brave enough to press it, something very strange happens.

You Can Make the River Below 'Burp'

Yeah, that's quite a strange button to have in your city. So I had to look up, why this is a thing because why would someone install this?!


Yes, it's an art project. A man by the name Dean Ruck installed this thing in 1998. However, it does actually serve a purpose. The water is called the Bufflo Bayou and apparently if it becomes stagnant. This area starts to stink. So if you churn it up a bit, it helps the water move around and not smell as bad.

What Happens If No One Pushes the Button?

Well, we can't have the water stinking up the city, so if the button is not pushed in a certain amount of time. It goes off throughout the day on its own. So today I learned we have a burp button in Texas. Which is actually kind of cool. However, I would not recommend pushing random red buttons throughout Texas. With the exception of this one.

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