Queen Latifah is currently hard at work to revive a series actually worth revisiting, the '90s sitcom Living Single.

Latifah revealed the news to a fan who called into the Bravo show Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and asked the Chicago star if she'd ever considered bringing the popular show back to television.

"Funny you should ask," Latifah said. "We’re actually working on it. It’s not there yet, but hopefully we can get it happening.”

Fellow guest Jason Sudeikis then joked, "I thought Friends was the reboot," to which Latifah affirmed that she and the rest of the cast and crew noticed the similarities between the two shows as soon as Friends premiered -- a year after Living Single first aired.

“We knew we had already been doing that,” Latifah told Cohen. “It was one of those things where there was a guy called Warren Littlefield, who used to run NBC, and they asked him, ‘When all the new shows came out, if there was any show you could have, which one would it be?’ And he said Living Single...and then he created Friends.”

But Latifah maintains she and the rest of the Living Single production team harbor no ill will toward the show, saying, “Friends was so good, so it wasn’t like we hated on it."

Watch Queen Latifah talk about the possibility of a Living Single revival in the video above.

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