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If you've ever called a radio station or in to the morning show, you remember your first time.

Just this morning a text came in to The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show from a listener who has been trying for years calling to get in to the show just to say hi, heard the phrase, 'You're caller number two!' Kellie then jokes that after that quick statement the listener was followed by a click and silence. Most likely because they were doing a contest, but the listener was happy and said 'that was great.'

Kellie remembers her first time she ever called in to a radio station and then another time when she messed up a dj's bit for the whole hour by being caller number one! J-Si talks about a time he called in to his hometown station and made a request for his girlfriend and ends up being embarrassed by his idol dj.

The show also reveals weird food combinations that Europeans find totally normal, but as Americans, we find totally disgusting. Take this combination for instance: fried spaghetti, egg and ketchup, weird to us but Heidi Klum apparently loves it. J-Si has a list of other weird things from Europe.

Listen to "Radio Requests" on Spreaker.

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