Tropical Storm Beryl moved through East Texas Monday and left quite a bit of damage in its wake. Mix 93-1 is one of thousands of customers that have been affected by the storm that blew through the area Monday.

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Why is Mix 93-1 off the air right now?

Basically, there is no connectivity at our tower/transmitter site in the Overton area. Mix 93-1 has been broadcasting using the internet for the past few weeks because the tower at our main studio failed during one of the spring-time storms last month. The tropical storm that moved through yesterday knocked out internet service at our tower in Overton and therefore we're off the air.

Thankfully our engineer is an extremely intelligent guy, he's come up with a way to hopefully get us back on the air, but it's going to take a bit of time because our tower site is in a remote location and there is an issue with flooding in the area.

While he works to get us back on the air, you can listen to Mix 93-1 on your mobile device or computer.

Thanks for listening to Mix 93-1 - it's been a pretty rough spring for us around here and the summer isn't starting off too well either!

25 Felony Arrests Were Made 4th Of July Weekend In Smith County (07.07.24)

The following individuals were recently arrested and booked into the Smith County Jail and received at least one felony charge. These individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Some individuals have posted bail and are out of jail at this time while others are waiting for a bond hearing or court date.

All charges were current at the time this article was created, but some charges may have been dropped since.

Some of the individuals below might have been detained by Smith County deputies and are being held on a US Marshal, Federal, or Immigration detainer.

All information was obtained through an open records request and provided by the Smith County Sheriff's Office.

Gallery Credit: Smith County Sheriff's Office

NET Health Found Issues At Tyler Taco And Whitehouse Donut Shops And 11 Other Restaurants (07.03.24)

NET Health inspectors randomly stop by Tyler and Smith County area restaurants for an inspection. Even those restaurants with perfect scores will sometimes have the following issues:

Cooling - cooled foods being held at the wrong temperature or for longer than recommended
Cold food - being held above the recommended temperature
Hot food - being held below the recommended temperature
Foods being stored in unapproved sources
Ready-to-eat foods improperly handled
Cross-contamination of raw and cooked foods
Improper handwashing procedures
Water supply not properly equipped for need - handwashing, dishwashing, food prep

While the above issues were present on all of the following restaurant inspection reports, these restaurants had some other issues to address once the NET Health inspector arrived.

Gallery Credit: NET Health

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When your kids' summer boredom sets in, kick it to the curb with these fun East Texas activities.

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Here Are 9 Changes That Are Coming To A Walmart Near You Soon

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