Have you ever been so sick it was hard to stand up? Last Thursday during the Texas Rangers-Arizona Diamondbacks game Josh Hamilton kept resting his hands on his knees and eventually had to leave the game. He lasted until the 8th inning though. If you have an office job, that's like going home sick around 3 p.m. in the afternoon. Ya just can't take it anymore!

Josh was admitted to the hospital with what doctors said was the norovirus, most commonly found on cruise ships. He's better now, and has been released from the hospital. When will he be back in the lineup?

He's expected to be back in the lineup tonight as the Rangers take on the San Diego Padres.

The awesome weather in San Diego makes it the perfect time to come back. The Texas heat can complicate the recovery process for sure.

So Rangers fans, so you think the Rangers can make it a third straight world series? As a huge fan whose weekend attire usually consists of Josh Hamilton and Ian Kinsler t-shirts, I certainly hope so.

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