Many in the state of Texas are excited for the eclipse event.

The day draws closer and closer in the Lone Star State, with many prepping themselves for amount of people coming to the area for the moment. Others are simply getting ready to see the moment in action from that perfectly picked area.

Most Texans know what to expect from the event. It will get darker in the state for a brief period of time. Everybody will be staring up at sky, and memories will be created that will last a lifetime.

Recently though, it was announced that in addition to eclipse happening, another space event will be happening at the same time. Keen eyes will want to watch out for this, since it hasn't been observed in 71 years!

The Devil's Comet And Its Upcoming Appearance In Texas

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ABC News has the details about the comet appearing during the eclipse event. 12P/Pons-Brooks, better known as "The Devil's Comet," will be in the middle of its perihelion passage. In simpler terms, the comet will be the closest to the sun it can be.

But, due to the fact the sun will be blocked by the moon, it will provide the chance to see not only the eclipse, but the Devil's Comet as well. NASA even stated the following:

"Comet 12P's April 21 perihelion passage will be only two weeks after the April 8 total solar eclipse, putting the comet in planet Earth's sky along with a totally eclipsed sun."

So not only will Texans get to see a major eclipse event, they'll also get to see a comet that hasn't been seen in 71 years. It's a moment none of us should miss in the Lone Star State to say the least!

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