If I had to pick a book and/or movie that most resonates with how life can feel sometimes, it would have to be Alice in Wonderland.

And now, that story is coming to life in Tyler, Texas...and YOU are invited to be a part of it. Ready to go down the rabbit hole to rescue poor, trapped Alice before time runs out?

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Well don't worry, you're not late for a very important date. At least not yet. ;) CluedUpp Games is bringing the Alice in Wonderland experience to Tyler, TX on November 12 and will take place on the streets of Tyler. So here's the deal:

Our beloved Alice has found herself trapped in Wonderland and you and your team must "enter a topsy-turvy world of adventure, intrigue, and impossible things at this immersive Alice in Wonderland event."

Just like in the books, the adventure begins by going down the rabbit hole and entering an escape-room type of adventure on the streets of Tyler.

You won't be alone, though. Each team requires six members so that together, you can solve puzzles and discern clues in order to find and rescue Alice before time runs out! More details? Check out the sign-up page HERE.

A few other important things to know? You can start your adventure anytime throughout the day after 9:00 a.m. On average, it will take you between 2 and 3 hours. Also, and how great is this, DOGS are welcome! You'll only need one ticket per team of six, and that'll run ya $80.

You can get details and answers to other questions via the link above.

This is definitely my cup of tea, so I'll see y'all in Wonderland!

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