Rebecca Black‘s ‘Friday’ was one of the biggest viral videos of 2011, and just when you though the song was dead, buried and gone from our collective consciousness, it’s getting a shot in the arm and dragged back to the forefront of pop culture in time for the holidays.

As reported by The FW, the song has been reworked for a Kohl’s Black Friday ad, with a zealous shopper (who has a little crazy in her eyes) singing about having to get to Kohl’s on Black Friday, Black Friday, Black Friday.

The shopper is outside of the discount retailer before the sun is up, elbowing an elderly shopper who tries to push her way through the line. She also jacks an item out of someone else’s cart to purchase herself. All is fair in love, war and Black Friday shopping. She pushes her cart and sings her song about shopping set to the melody of Black’s ‘Friday.’ Get it – Black Friday and Black’s Friday? It’s serendipity for Black’s song to be used in a Black Friday ad.

It’s also ironic that a brick and mortar retailer is using a song hyped on the web. We figured a Cyber Monday sale might make effective use of the song.

Nevertheless, if you head to Kohl’s on Black Friday, be sure and peruse the aisles for Jennifer Lopez‘s wares. She teamed up with the retail giant this fall for clothes and housewares, bringing a little glam to the Kohl’s shopping experience.

Watch the Kohl Black Friday Ad Featuring Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

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