If you've ever wanted to call a hotline, scream at the top of your lungs and hang up, you're in luck.  The web is waiting to hear it.  

Maybe it's a job loss.  Maybe the kids broke your favorite vase.  Or maybe you arrived at Target just as someone else was grabbing the last roll of paper towels for the day and you've had it with life.

Wanna scream?

We've had plenty to scream about in 2020, and now there's a hotline that we can call to let one fly.  We don't have to talk to anyone.  Just call the number, leave a good scream after the prompt, and see if it gets posted to the web.

Justscream.baby says there are three easy steps.

1.  Call 1-561-567-8431

2.  Scream

3.  Visit Justscream.baby the next day to see if your scream is posted in the next batch.

The next time the kids are running around the house screaming at the top of their lungs, dial that number and make something productive out of it!  I'm totally adding the number to my contacts.

Some places might be more scream-friendly than others.  Is there a place in your house that would make the perfect scream room?  Maybe you're the type that can let one go in the middle of the living room with people around, but locking the door to the master closet and working one up from the diaphragm in there might be good for those who like a little more privacy.  Or, maybe it's a work project that involves everyone in your department.  There are no rules as far as I can tell.  Just make it good.

It doesn't have to be a stressed-out scream.  It can be a terrified one, an I'm-in-pain one, or an elated one, depending on your mood.

According to the website, the project will be active until January 21, 2021, and then it will be archived.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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