We're already 'switching it up' this Thanksgiving - why not take it a little step further and add a new side to your Thanksgiving table? Red Lobster may have just the thing as they have taken the chain's popular cheddar bay biscuits and turned them in to stuffing! Yep.

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First things first, I want to clear something up. Personally, I'd call this dressing and not stuffing. I'm only calling it stuffing for the purpose of this article as that's what Red Lobster refers to it as. When I think dressing, I think a casserole-type breaded dish that's baked in the oven in a pan. When I think stuffing, I think the mixture of veggies and breading that's then STUFFED into the bird on the table, and dished out that way. That's all.

So back to the matter at hand - I've got the Cheddar Bay Biscuit Stuffing recipe for you right here. The best part? You may already have a lot of this in your pantry and fridge as you prepare for the holiday! Of course, you have to have the biscuit mix (which is sold in stores - I've seen it at Walmart multiple times), celery, carrots, yellow onions, butter (seriously, we use SO much butter at Thanksgiving), a few dried seasonings like sage and thyme, and chicken broth.

It doesn't seem like the recipe will take up much of your oven time either. After you first bake the biscuits to the instructions on the box, the dressing only takes another 25 minutes. I'm down!

Grab the recipe for yourself by clicking here.

Already have a fool-proof dressing recipe? Red Lobster also has 2 dessert recipes for you to use as well! Make sure you check out the Cheddar Bay Pumpkin Biscuits and Cheddar Bay Pumpkin Donut Bites, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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