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So much for temporary, it's permanent now. When you want a juicy burger in Longview, you now have one less choice. The Longview location of Red Robin on Loop 281 east of the mall is now permanently closed.

In 2016 it was announced that a new burger chain would be calling Longview home. The parent company of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers announced that they would be building the brands' 15th franchise in Longview. The gourmet burger chain opened with much fan fare and was welcomed by the community and enjoyed by many. The popular restaurant seemed to be doing good up until the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic struck the heart of the restaurant industry and like many restaurants they either temporarily closed or pivoted to other ways to get food to their demanding customers. In April 2020 Longview's Red Robin chose to close temporarily. The Longview location was a handful of Red Robin locations that opted to close their doors after offering to go and delivery options for their customers. They were going to notify customers via email when the restaurant reopened.

Since the announcement of the temporary closure, we've been watching for it to reopen by monitoring the Red Robin website along with their Facebook page and now we realize it has been closed permanently. We know this because when we drove by the restaurant this past weekend we noticed the sign was removed from the building and the location has also been removed from Red Robin locations on their website.

We hope you got to enjoy that bottomless basket of fries while they were in Longview and you can now stop waiting for that re-opening email to come to your inbox, because judging from these two observations Red Robin has left Longview.

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