According to new data released by, love is definitely not in the air. Who knew that being forced to spend every waking moment with someone would cause a strain on a relationship? According to the data, it's looking like twice as many couples are calling it quits in 2020 compared to 2019. said that last year 34% of their new users had just gotten out of a relationship. This year however over 67% of the new users on their site say they went through a breakup. In case you're like me and bad at math that is almost double the breakups.

With COVID-19 causing several folks to stay home it's no surprise that marriages started falling apart. Several lawyers have come out saying that 2020 will be one of the biggest years for divorces. China saw an astounding amount of divorce filings after their lockdown.

I bragged about the fact that I was not married yet and COVID-19 couldn't sabotage my relationship, turns out I was wrong. The vast majority of couples who called it quits were living together. The two major reasons couples who were living together split up are the amounts of fights and learning new things about the other person that were absolute dealbreakers.

If you are feeling that your relationship is dwindling or that you are having to make a tough decision concerning your relationship, you are not alone.

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