I have a good friend who is in his mid 30's and can't score a girlfriend for the life of him. He's never been married, he's never been engaged either. When I ask him why he's still single even though he's active in the online dating world he claims "I haven't met a woman who's worth it". My friend has a pattern, he dates until he finds a reason to claim the woman he is dating is too annoying or too needy. Personally I think he is avoiding having to purchase a ring.

A relationship expert has come out to warn women all over the globe. Don't date men in their 30's. Why? Relationship Expert Jana Hocking claims men in their 30's more than likely have some commitment issues since that is the age that most men choose to finally settle down.

Ladies, have you been getting the "I'm just trying to see where this goes" when you ask him for a label 3 months after casually dating? Yup, according to Hocking, you've been had. Could the new F Boy be the 30 something-year-old guy who looks great on paper? He has a steady job, he's a homeowner, he's never been married, and has no kids, you think this could be the guy that you settle down with because once again he checks off all the boxes. Hocking claims if he's in between the age of 30 to 40 and he's still single walk away.

Who should you date instead of a guy in his 30's? Aim higher, Hocking recommends dating divorced guys in their 40's. Jana Hocking said "Sure, they may come with some baggage, like the bitter remnants of a divorce and a few kids, but it also means they've proven they aren't scared to commit, at least for a decent amount of time."

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