We’ve all started to feel the temperatures in Texas increase a bit over the past few weeks. Before long it will be summertime in Texas, and we will be doing whatever possible to stay cool and avoid the extreme temperatures or humidity. But there are other things we need to do as we prepare for the scorching Texas heat that comes back each summer.  

Hot Texas Car

While it might seem a little odd, one of the things we need to do as we prepare for the temperatures to increase is to look a little closer at all the things we have collected in our cars or trucks. It’s amazing how quickly the back seat can fill up with clothing or various other items. But there are times when we end up with possible flammable material or items that can’t take the heat from sitting in a vehicle in the Texas heat, we need to remove those items immediately. 

Why Should Items Be Removed from Texas Vehicles in the Summertime? 

For example, a can of Coke that is left in your vehicle can explode due to the pressure that builds up in the can due to the heat. Cleaning up a can of Coke that explodes is a horrible mess, you don’t want to deal with that sticky liquid all over your vehicle. 

List of Items That Should Not Be in Your Vehicle in Texas 

To avoid potential danger or a disgusting mess, it’s best to remove all these items from your vehicle now.  

Do Not Leave These 20 Things in Your Hot Car in Texas

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