There's no place like home, right? They say anywhere you can hang your hat can be home, and humans have a remarkable ability to comfortably hang a hat just about anywhere. But depending on where you live, the peg you hang that hat on may cost you a small fortune every month.

Texas towns often boast a lower cost of living, which is why so many people are flocking here. That said, living in Central Texas is definitely a little more brutal on the wallet than expected. As a new study shows, some may need roommates to live in our area.

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Rent In Central Texas Through The Metaphorical Roof

Recently, Zillow released data showing how much it would cost to afford apartments in certain parts of the nation. For one city in Texas, data showed folks may need to live in clusters to help afford a simple two bedroom apartment.

According to the data, Austin, Texas rent is so high that it requires five workers who are full time and making minimum wage, set at $7.25 an hour, to pay rent on a two bedroom apartment. That's a lot of people living in a small space, but more importantly, shows the rise of rent in the area.

Data also shows that national average for affording a two bedroom apartment, when the minimum wage is $7.25, requires 3.5 full time workers to pay for. This extends to most of Central Texas as well.

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