They call them the "friendly skies", but I guess that friendliness gets sucked out of the window when the plane is landing.

Two people had to be detained at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Sunday afternoon after getting info a boxing match aboard their plane.

WOAI-TV reports that police were dispatched to the scene around 4:21 PM. There, they learned that two men had been arguing about a seat that could not be readjusted from its reclining position.

A witness said that when the plane returning from New Orleans landed and the seatbelt sign was disengaged, the two men got up and began exchanging blows.

Video shows the two brawling, and as you'd expect from a fight in such close quarters, these two geniuses are stumbling around and knocking into other passengers as others try to separate the two. (Although the video seems to show a third person involved. Hm.)

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Again, all of this seems to have started because someone's seat got stuck in the reclining position. Now, I'm sure it was really about that, and someone brought some extra personal baggage aboard the plane, but I guess the seat was the last straw for one of these guys.

Was it really worth getting into a ridiculous fight about and humiliating yourselves?

WOAI-TV and KXAN-TV report that the two were detained at the airport, but it's not been confirmed if they were arrested.

These are two grown men fighting on a plane over a stuck seat. I get that we're all tense right now and the world is a mess, but can we just not with this foolishness?

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