We've all seen the memes about lumber prices. If you work in an industry that is effected by those prices, they are very real to you.

Everyone in that lives in a home is affected in some way by these prices. If you rent, lease, or buy a home - your rent, mortgage, and appraisal could go up according to these prices.

A slowdown in production during the pandemic is what created this huge increase. Now that it's over it only makes sense that it should go back down.

Covid shut down the mills to halt the spread, just as demand was on the rise. Many homeowners, suddenly awash with free time took on all those remodeling projects they had been putting off, creating the uptick.

With those mills shut down less than a year ago, prices still have a long way to fall to get back to where they were. Though prices are slowly going down, they are still almost 300% more than just a couple of years ago. Prices were stagnant for almost 20 years before this huge adjustment, so it was predictable to some extent.

It's good news for some that prices are moving in the right direction. With all things, this will effect everyone differently, according to which side of the issue you are on.

If you are sitting on a huge plot of timber, this might be your last chance to cash in. If you can find someone willing to harvest that timber for you.

We all knew that the perfect storm that created these lumber prices had to end at some point. It's still safe to go and put your meme's out there though. Even if a splinter in your finger isn't actually grand larceny, it's still funny.

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