Bad girl, yet oh-so-lovable, Rihanna has had quite a year! Whether it’s rolling a blunt on her security guard’s head, to cruising the French Riviera, or falling in and out of love with Chris Brown—this girl is always on the go!

Recently, however, Riri spilled her guts to Ellen DeGeneres—telling her that these are not the only things she wants out of life. All you suitors out there hoping to get under Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’, take note, she’s not always the naughty girl she tries to make us think she is!

No, Riri is quite cuddly. On Wednesday she told Ellen that her favorite thing to do would be to just sit on the couch, or lie in the bed, and watch TV. What’s her favorite show to watch, you ask? Well, Rihanna revealed that her guilty pleasure is “Breaking Amish.” Yep, who would have thought that those poor, lonely Amish kids wandering through America in search of themselves (and the next party) would grab ahold of Riri’s tender heart?

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Riri also told Ellen that she hopes to have a husband and a family one day.  Could you imagine it: a pack of tiny, little Rihannas—all black and blue and hiding from Chris Brown? I jest, they would probably be black and blue from all the diamonds they’d be wearing.

All in all, the lovely, yet misunderstood Rihanna just wants some quiet, quality time with her man (and those Amish kids). Like any girl, Riri just wants a little romance. My question is: if you found yourself lying in a bed with Rihanna, would you really be watching TV?

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