Our favorite travel center has another hit on its hands. Though Buc-ee's doesn't sell liquor in Texas, they have a beverage dispenser driving everyone wild.

Buc-ee's Has An Unexpected Hit On Its Hands

This is one of those items on the shelf at the massive gas station that collects dust. You might have even seen it before.

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Then someone makes a video on TikTok of young adults using it to dispense shots, and now they have a hit product. The gas pump design and its ability to hold a liter of anything you want to dispense has caught people's attention.

@banhiebby this may be the best thing invented since sliced bread #buccees #fyp ♬ original sound - kardashianshulu


Texas Snax is a third-party reseller of all kinds of Buc-ee's items online. They have the beverage dispenser listed for $59, but alas it is sold out.

Buc-ee's Now Has A Store On Amazon Selling All Their Merchandise

It is also sold out on Amazon and was priced at $51.50. While on Amazon I noticed Buc-ee's appears to have a legitimate store there selling many of their items, including our beloved Beaver Nuggets.

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I did find the gas dispenser on eBay, and the bidding is up to $122.50 with 17 bids and 6 days left on the auction. If you go to your local Buc-ee's and see one, you should grab it.

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It might take a long time for them to get restocked, and they might not be as cool if you wait.

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