When it comes to being petty, KiddNation members have the craft perfected and some are down right devilish!

It's those little things you do to others that drive them crazy, but in most cases they're not aware that you're doing it to them and KiddNation confesses what they're up to now! While members of KiddNation confess about the following:

  • placing sardines in shower curtain rods in her homes bathrooms after losing the house in a divorce settlement
  • throwing a stink bomb in the bathroom when your significant other is showering
  • tightening the lids on the jars in the refrigerator and pantry
  • 'dutch oven'ing your dog

It's also giving rise to some great ideas to other members of KiddNation! Give this edition of the best of audio a clip a listen and find out why all this is going on!

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