I once was a bartender and I would occasionally get requests from patrons to use my imagination and create an "adult beverage" with ice cream. I came across a recipe for a root beer float that I'll share with yall one day but first, I want to make a trip to a Texas ice cream shop we discovered on TikTok.

This Family Owned Business Serves Homemade Alcohol-Infused Flavors

Blueberry ice cream on wooden background
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Located in New Braunfels, Tipsy Cow Ice Cream started blowing up on social media after they began posting "behind the scenes" videos of how they make their alcohol infused ice cream. They make their ice cream in house so don't expect a "scoop" of ice cream with a "shot".

One Of Their Videos Has Over 3 Million Views

This is one of those stories you love to see because it showcases when social media can be used for good! After the owner's son, who also works at the shop, began posting videos on TikTok, they've been blowing up! The video above has clocked in over 3.5 Million views and counting and business is booming.

Their Most Recent Video Showcases The Shops Growing Popularity

Since going viral, folks from miles around have been pulling up to get tipsy. Lines have been out the door all day long but I think the great thing about this shop is that while the "alcohol" creams maybe drawing a crowd, they also serve a wide variety of kid friendly ice creams too so the entire family can enjoy a treat.

But Again, The Adult Flavors Look Amazing!

I was sold the second I saw they had a Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch flavor infused with PEANUT BUTTER WHISKEY. Other flavors include Vanilla Bourbon & Brown Sugar, Bailey’s Salted Caramel, Tequila Rose Strawberry and more!

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