It's National Museum Day on Saturday, September 22, and there are several museums nearby that will celebrate that with free admission.  There's just one thing you have to do.

National Museum Day starts with the Smithsonian in Washington D.C and Smithsonian magazine as a way to encourage us to get into our neighborhood museums and soak up some history.  And keep the kids busy.  Parents love that.  To get free admission, you just have to download a special Museum Day ticket.

Participating museums all over the country are giving free entry tomorrow to anyone with a Museum Day ticket, and you can download one HERE for several museums around Texas, including the Sam Houston Memorial Museum in Huntsville, the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville, and the Harrison County Historical Museum in

The Museum Day ticket gives free admission for two people on Saturday, September 22, and just one ticket is allowed per email address. More than 250,000 people downloaded tickets last year nationwide, and they're expecting more people to take advantage this year.

The theme is Women Making History, and the goal is to honor female trailblazers in areas including arts, sciences, innovation, and culture. Use #MuseumDay and #WomenMakingHistory on social media if you're so inclined, and we'll watch for the pics.

Visit The Sam Houston Memorial Museum Saturday and learn about the life of Sam Houston and his wife, and experience everyday life on the Houston farm that was active in the 1800s.

The Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville has an old Texas Electric Chair, artifacts from the Texas Prison Rodeo which ran from 1931-1986, a display about Bonnie and Clyde, plus inmate arts and crafts and contraband.

If you go to the Harrison County Historical Museum, have your phone handy and be prepared for a quiz because this museum asks visitors questions about the artifacts.  Or you can listen to music from the archives, climb into a covered wagon and walk into a Caddo hut. Not things you might typically do on a Saturday.

If you feel like a longer road trip, there are several other Texas museums that will have the free admission deal, including some in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Lubbock.  Over 1500 museums will be part of Museum Day across the U.S.

We love free!  You know we'll keep posting the free ideas.  Have a good weekend.

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