Another KiddNation member was inducted into the 'Does That Make Me Crazy? Hall Of Fame'!

Each Tuesday, The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show opens up the phone lines to those members of KiddNation who want to call in to the show and share their weird and sometimes bizarre habits with the rest of KiddNation with the hopes of getting an answer to the question if their habit make them crazy or not!

After listening to hundreds sharing their strange habits, The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show can deem someone not crazy, a little crazy or just crazy! It's the really extreme, bizarre, way out there things that people do that can earn them a spot in the 'Does That Make Me Crazy Hall Of Fame, and it happened this morning!

One member called in this morning sharing how she is scared of her chest of drawers, while another explains to us what she feeds to her dog and so much more! Oh, you'll be alerted to the hall of fame status once she tells her story! Listen to it all unfold in today's edition of the best of audio clip next.

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