In the Showbiz Top 5 today:  David and Victoria Beckham - Kelly Osbourne - Mel Gibson - Jake Gyllenhaal - Charlie Sheen

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David Beckham can schedule that vasectomy now because Victoria is finally getting her baby girl! David let the news slip that they're expecting a girl this summer, who will be joining big brothers Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Kelly Osbourne is playing with fire. "Star" magazine is reporting that she's drinking again. And this isn't a good thing because Kelly once vowed that she would never drink again because "even a glass of wine would probably mean me getting s--- faced and then being on drugs and doing something stupid." But sources say she's been enjoying more than just a glass of wine. In fact, they say that she was so drunk at Elton John's Oscar party that she fell flat on her back and had to be helped out to a waiting car.

Mel Gibson believes Oksana Grigorieva leaked some of the details about their visitation schedule and secret pediatrician appointments to and he is furious. And now he wants to strip Oksana of some of her custodial rights with their daughter Lucia. Of course, she and her lawyers deny the accusation. On Friday, Mel received 3 years probation and was ordered to 52 weeks of counseling in a domestic violence program. Oksana reportedly is considering filing a civil lawsuit against Mel not only for allegedly hitting her, but for emotional distress and defamation. If she goes through with that, Mel will sue her for extortion.

Jake Gyllenhaal was in Austin for the SXSW Film Festival and the premiere of his movie, "Source Code." Even celebrities have to pee sometimes, so he excused himself to the men's room, but things got ugly in there real fast when a fan tried to take his picture while Jake was taking care of business. There was a more-than-heated exchange and the fan reportedly ended up deleting the picture.

A team of former Israeli military veterans is now guarding Charlie Sheen and his remaining goddess, Natalie. These guys are providing round-the-clock security for Charlie since that crazy fan was arrested in Charlie's back yard. Twenty-six-year-old David Pack traveled all the way from Kansas City to meet his idol. He somehow made it past the gates leading into Charlie's neighborhood and then scaled the fortified fence around Charlie's house. Charlie just so happened to be chilling by the pool with his buddies when this guy popped up. One of the friends asked him, "Who are you with?" and David answered, "I'm with Charlie." The guy then reached into his pocket and one of Charlie's staff grabbed him and put him in a headlock until cops could arrive. It turns out David wasn't armed, but you just never know...Meantime, Charlie's twins, Bob and Max, celebrated their 2nd birthday without daddy at Kathy and Rick Hilton's house. About 60 guests showed up to enjoy a bounce house and balloons and chicken chow mein. The boys got tons of presents, including tee ball sets and race cars.