Sia joins J-Si and Ana for an exclusive interview.

By the end of the interview, J-Si, Ana and Sia end up becoming pretty good friends and almost business partners too! While talking to Sia, J-Si reveals that his daughter would like to have hair bows just like Sia and if they were available at a retail store he would be buying them! This gave Sia an idea, but says at this time she's more focused on her music an her new musical / movie that is coming out.

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Less than two minutes into the interview, Sia gives J-Si and Ana an exclusive detail about her new album. What she revealed, she revealed it for the first time ever. While talking about her new movie, Sia lists out the different emotions you'll be experiencing while watching it. Among other things we find out about Sia are her go to movie and that she's friends with 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston and so much more.

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