Law enforcement agencies all across the Lone Star State will be participating in one of the biggest joint warrant round ups in the state scheduled for March 2nd.

If you have an outstanding court costs or fines, authorities are giving you until March 1st to make arrangements on payments before a warrant sweep begins on March 2nd. Smith County is participating in the state wide event this year and on March 2nd if your fines aren't taken care of you can expect a visit from a Smith County Deputy. In the case you aren't home, they'll pay you a little visit at your office.

Sheryl Keel, Smith County Judicial Compliance Supervisor says,

Save yourself the expense and embarrassment of being picked up during the warrant round up. Call the Smith County Collections Department and make arrangements to pay your outstanding fees today."

Currently there is a grace period, which runs through March 1st. So if you have a fine you can take care of it and may resolve your case without penalty of an arrest.

If you know you have a fine, take care of it and save yourself the embarrassment of having a law enforcement officer paying you a visit at your work. If you are unsure if you have unpaid court costs or fines, you can check them out online at or call the collections department at 903.590.4620.