The Controversy Around The Recent Arrest Of The Smith County Clerk And Her Son Is Starting To Heat Up.

The Wife & Son of A Smith County Precinct Commissioner And Another Man Were Arrested Recently After Allegedly Interfering With A Traffic Stop. The Smith County Sheriff's Office has now released video of the incident showing the Smith County Clerk interfering with the arrest of her adult son.

The Video Is Nearly An Hour Long Taken From Officers Body Cam.

According to police reports,  the incident started when a deputy observed a vehicle to have defective tail lamps and attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the vehicle did not stop until it pulled into the driveway of Karen and Terry Phillips’ home.

Derrick Phillips, a friend of the man pulled over and adult son of Karen Phillips, stepped out of second vehicle, and began interfering with the traffic stop.

Smith County Jail
Smith County Jail

When a second deputy arrived to provide assistance, an attempt was made to arrest Derrick Phillips, who then ran into the residence. In the bodycam footage, Karen Phillips can be seen shouting expletives and putting herself between the deputies and Derrick Phillips.

The footage led to the arrest of Karen Phillips.

Smith County Jail
Smith County Jail

In the opinion of this observer, watching a GROWN man run to call for his mom who just so happens to work for the "county" to help you, shows the "privilege" some folks seem to enjoy especially when they are in trouble. Its one reason why The Smith County DA's office has recused itself from this case.

You be the judge, did The Smith County Clerk interfere with this arrest or did the police overreact?

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