Advertisers have paid $3 million or more to run a :30 ad during the Super Bowl on Sunday night.  Now most people watch the Super Bowl for the game to see if the Packers or Steelers will take home the Lombardi trophy, but there are a few that will dismiss the game totally and focus on the commercials!

Granted there have been some pretty cool commercials in the past and this year advertisers will hope their ads will be up there with Snickers and Betty White from last year to the Budweiser frogs!

This year there is a buzz about a Volkswagen Star Wars themed spot, Justin Beiber and Ozzy Osbourne and his wife starring in a commercial together for Best Buy and Snickers is back this year with a new spot that's featuring Rosanne Barr and Richard Lewis.  These are just a few of the commercials to look forward to during Super Bowl XLV on Sunday.

Here's the Volkswagen commercial I mentioned above, I'll let you watch the others during the game on Sunday!