There they are, the gifts, they're all wrapped up in pretty paper and just sitting there under the tree, all alone and just waiting for someone to rip off the paper to reveal the secret that's contained. But is it really a secret, if you've stolen a little peek? NO!

I can honestly say growing up I never unwrapped one present from underneath the tree and then re wrapped it and put it back. But that didn't stop the kid in me from looking around the house for hidden surprises though! It's a different story for a a coworker though, because he mentioned this morning he was a bit luckier when it came to discovering presents. He would discover them quite often and said his mom would be devastated if she knew he knew what he was getting already.

Also, this time of the year it can be pretty hard to keep a secret from your spouse, especially if you have a joint bank account or credit card. When it comes to buying my wife her Christmas present, I'll pay with the credit card but keep the receipt and ask her not to look at the statement until after Christmas! I hope that works! I know there are some very curious people and can't help themselves from looking, especially this time of the year, but let a surprise be a surprise.

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