The past week has seen no shortage of jokes concerning Martha Stewart joining, but there was no way SNL wasn't going to get in on this action. After all, what kind of comedy variety show would it be if it didn't let one of the cast members break out a Martha Stewart impression?

The scene begins like a typical commercial for any dating website, with various talking heads explaining why they joined and what they're looking for in a man and so on and so forth. Everyone is played pretty straight...until Kate McKinnon's Martha Stewart shows up, demanding to meet a man who meets some very, very specific criteria.

It's a very simple sketch and at a minute long, it doesn't wear out its welcome. Like most fake SNL commercials, it nails the aesthetics of the real thing and at a glance, could easily be mistaken for an actual ad. However, it's really a showcase for McKinnson's Martha Stewart, which is a truly odd and quite funny take on the domestic guru.

What do you think? Do you want to see more of McKinnon in this role?