The Batman opened this past weekend across movie theaters to some very good reviews. I'll give you my brief review later on down in this story. In Austin on Friday night (March 4), someone thought that a little more excitement needed to be added to the movie going experience so they released a live bat into the theater during the movie.

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Oh yeah. During this particular showing of The Batman at Moviehouse & Eatery in Austin, a fan in the audience decided to release a live bat inside the theater. When the theater realized what happened, they paused the movie and tried their best to get the flying mammal out of the theater. Video was captured of the bat in the theater and of the staff telling the audience what they were trying to do to coerce the bat out of the theater.

The theater workers could not get the bat out after several attempts. They did offer refunds to those in the audience if they didn't feel like staying for the rest of the movie with the bat still in the theater. A majority of the audience stayed and finished the movie.

Animal control was called but didn't say if, or when, the bat was removed.

Local animal control was immediately contacted, and they have been overseeing the situation to ensure guest, associate and animal safety. To ensure a prank like this does not again occur, we’ve added additional security and are checking all bags upon guest entry.

I saw The Batman Sunday at Studio Movie Grill in Tyler. I went in with very low expectations just because some recent DC movies have not been great. I thought Robert Pattinson was an awful choice to play Batman as well. I know he's played other roles but I only know him as the sparkly vampire from those awful Twilight movies. I am here to say that Mr. Pattinson is a very good Batman. The movie as a whole is very good, too.

Zoe Kravitz is really good as Catwoman as is her and Pattinson's romantic chemistry on screen. You wouldn't know that it's Colin Ferrell playing the Penguin but his portrayal of the character is fantastic giving off the vibe of a 1940's era gangster. Jeffrey Wright is great as Jim Gordon, too. I love that there is a big concentration on Batman as a detective, also, something that has only been touched on in other movies. I was pleasantly surprised throughout my viewing and glad that my low expectations were proven wrong.

It is three hours long so be prepared for that if you haven't seen it yet but it is certainly worth your money to go to the theater and see it.

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