"The Silver Lining", was the last album released by Soul Asylum and that was back in 2006.  Soul Asylum is planning a coming back with a new album that lead singer Dave Pirner and the rest of the reincarnated Soul Asylum have been working on.  They've been in studios in Minneapolis and New Orleans working on the new project.

Dave tells Billboard.com that he's been,

cutting vocals here in my studio, and we've cut a bunch of guitars.  When all four of us are in the studio together, it's pretty spectacular, but you've got to have a big studio, so mostly you're sitting in front of a computer. It's very odd the way the (recordng) approach has been misconstrued with all the digital technology. But it is what it is, and we make it work."

They are currently out on the road and this year is also the 30th anniversary of the band's firt album, "Made To Be Broken".

What has been your favorite Soul Asylum song in the band's 30 year history?

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