Every day I live, the more thankful I am for our animal friends. 
They are unconditionally loving, and no matter how sad or exhausted or moody we may be when we head home in the evening, they are always happy to see us.
Amy Humphries, Unsplash
I'm becoming more and more convinced that our dogs and cats and other companion animals may turn out to be our very best friends.
All they ask in return? Some attention, affection, a bit of exercise, shelter, and good food. Plus a few toys. The basics, ya know?
Joe Caione, Unsplash
Despite the fact that these amazing creatures want so little, so many don't have the basics they need.
That's one more reason I'm eternally grateful to organizations like the SPCA of East Texas who intervene on their behalf every day. They rescue them, feed them, shelter them, and work hard to find them forever homes.
And they need our help right now. (And always.)
According to their Facebook page, the SPCA of East Texas has over 170 animals in their care. The clinic they operate is looking out for over 38 cats alone. Many of them are in their care due to the animals' medical needs.
And puppies? Just this past week, they report taking in more than 30 of these little sweethearts.
Rhaffe Dayday, Unsplash
When they don't have enough puppy pads, they customarily lay down old newspaper in the kennels for them, but lately they've running out of the newspaper they need more quickly.
During busy seasons like this one, they find themselves cutting it close on the food and other supplies they need more often.
They are graciously asking East Texans to donate some of these supplies--particularly kitten food and newspaper. But, ALL donations are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at their SNIPPET Clinic at 3405 East Northeast Loop 323 in Tyler.
You can see their entire donation wish list here. 
Even if you're unable to donate at this time, please share this article and help them get the word out. And thank you so much.

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