Fear of even higher gas prices and rumors of gas stations being out of gas in the Dallas area had many here in East Texas fearing of the same. A spokeswoman for the Texas Railroad Commission said earlier today that there is no shortage of gas in the state only that the distribution network had been interrupted because of Hurricane Harvey and that things would return to normal in a couple of days.

Driving home though and seeing all the cars in line at the gas stations, you would think there was a shortage of gas. And there kind of was at several gas stations around Tyler.

Driving down Old Jacksonville Hwy. last night after work by low fuel light came on and so I needed to fill up. Well I passed by one station at Rice Rd. and all the pumps were full so I decided I would just fill up in Gresham. As I kept driving down Old Jacksonville I noticed the Walmart Neighborhood Market gas station was swarmed with people, the Chevron station at Grande Blvd. was the same way. At this point I'm thinking I need to get some gas and pretty quickly!  As I passed by Fresh their station was full as well.

Running out of options, my next gas station was the Shell station at CR 165 and that's where it began for me! The gas pumps were covered up. Not working. So I continued my trek into Gresham to the Kidd Jones where everything looked normal, just a few cars in there, but as I pulled into the lot I noticed the cars weren't sticking around because there were signs on the pumps saying that all they had was diesel!

At this point I felt like I was running out of options and my last gas station in the area was the Chevron across the street. They apparently had some gas still because the lines were three to four cars deep!


I finally ended up getting to fill up my truck, as normal!  While doing it though I noticed a lot of people filling up several large gas cans at the same time.  My guess on why there was a run on the gas stations today is - one - fear of higher gas prices and - two - fear of an actual gas shortage.

Well, now there's apparently a small gas shortage going on around Tyler right now. Had people just filled up on their normal schedules there probably wouldn't be stations running out of gas. I'm just thankful I was able to get gas at this station, although it was approximately $0.27 higher per gallon than just two days ago.  I'm sure that's the reason why there was the run on the gas stations today because of the fear of higher prices and many don't understand why the price has spiked and feel its unjust.