If you need a good laugh today, we have video of a dumb wannabe criminal who tried to pull a fast one on a gas station clerk but fails miserably.

Before I got into radio, I worked the overnight shift at a gas station for a little while and while I'm thankful that nothing really eventful ever happened, I would, on occasion, have to deal with a shoplifter or a minor trying to smuggle beer out of the store. Most of the time I didn't bother calling the cops just a "come on man, what are you doing?" would be enough to make them realize that possibly going to jail for a drink wasn't really worth it.

Even in the face of surveillance equipment like cameras and more, folks still think they outsmart the system and here's one example of a "not so smart" dude who really tried it but actually played himself and now he will live in viral infamy.

We Take You To Houston Now Where A Hilarious TikTok Video Is Starting To Go Viral.

So we came across this HILARIOUS TikTok page called "gasstationthieves0" that shares surveillance videos of criminals shoplifting or in this case ATTEMPTING to shoplift from a store.

In this particular video, we see buddy in his pink slides pretending to head to the counter to pay for a case of what looks to be Bud Light and Michelob Ultra. He stands around for a minute, even looking at the clerk and exchanging a smile to show what he has but this idiot thinks the clerk hasn't seen this kind of play before so the clerk LOCKS THE DOORS in advance.

Tik tok
Tik tok

The attempted thief makes his move only to push on the locked door in vain and quickly realizes he's about to take a massive L. Despite knowing the door is locked, he checks the other door to see if it will help but to no avail. Here comes my favorite part....

The Agony Of Criminal Defeat....

Tik Tok
Tik Tok

Realizing that his mission is now a complete and massive failure he slumps down and slides his goofy ass back to the cooler to return the beers. It was the least he could do.

If You Want More Shoplifting Fails, Check This One Out.

According to the description on YouTube, 3 people came in a car. Two of them went inside and grabbed 5 cases of beer. They came to the counter and asked for one more case. The cashier locked the door and pretended to go away to call his helper. They try to walk out but the door was locked. The cashier saw that in the camera screen and asked them to pay. They said they forgot the wallet in the car and asked him to open the door but the cashier asked for the beer first then he opened the door. They left the store got in the car and ran away.

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