It's crazy to think that a gas station is a required visit during a vacation or a road trip. But that's how Texans feel about Buc-ee's. Some of it is the pride that it is a Texas based and Texas owned company. Most of it is just the experience of making a stop there. From gifts to home decor to great food, it's a fun stop for anyone. We in East Texas were very happy that a Buc-ee's was built close to us in Terrell, but many East Texans would love to have one in their hometown. We put together a wishlist of some great locations Buc-ee's could build in East Texas.

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It would be cool to think that a Buc-ee's could be within a 30 minute drive from your house. It would be easy to pick up the newest shirt and restock the Beaver Nuggets supply. It would be easy to pick up a chopped beef or pulled pork sandwich for lunch. It would almost be like opening up TikTok and losing 30-45 minutes of your day looking around the store all because you just needed some gas.

Yeah, Buc-ee's would be great in East Texas.

The rumors of a Buc-ee's coming to East Texas have been around for years, especially in the Lindale area. Buc-ee's would be great at just about any other major stop along I-20 in say Canton or Longview or Marshall, too. There are even some places off the main highway that would be great for a Buc-ee's.

We decided to search out some great locations for a Buc-ee's in East Texas. Those locations could be along the two interstate highways that run through our area. The location could be a little alcove in one of our great small towns. These locations are most likely not a place that Buc-ee's would build at. This is us just thinking "Dude, this would be a cool place for a Buc-ee's." Something you probably have done on your drive home from work.

13 Great Locations to Add a Buc-ee's in East Texas

We've put together a wishlist of great locations for a Buc-ee's location in East Texas.

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