Need an escape that feels like a fairy tale or fantasy? I found one and it’s just a short drive away from East Texas.

Take the two and half hour drive from Tyler to Weatherford and enjoy a magical stay inside The Hobbit House on the Brazos River.

If you’re more of a city traveler, this is not your place, but if you’re looking to be tucked away into the forest and see beautiful foliage outside of your window, then this could be the place you’re looking for. The house is located at Fuller's Folly on a 350 acre cattle ranch.

It doesn’t exactly fit Tolkien’s description of a hobbit house. It lacks the round door with a knob in the center, and it’s not tucked into the side of a hill, but it is beautifully designed with wood walls and you could easily imagine yourself in Middle Earth.

It sleeps up to 6 guests, and if you bring a group that size you’ll be able to split up the price of your accommodations to less than $100 per person per night. For my value, it’s a bit steep for a weekend away with my hubby, but it might be just the ticket for a girls’ weekend getaway with charcuterie and wine. I’m already coming up with my short list of girls. It seems like fun!

It does have two bedrooms, a hot tub, a deck overlooking a 15-foot waterfall and a fire pit. There is a full kitchen, the full bathroom has an oversized shower, and there are fun loft beds for my adventurous friends.In your group, those would be for the kids.

There’s also access to the barnyard and during the Summer, you get access to inner tubes and kayaks as a part of your stay as well.

What do you think? Would this be a magical getaway, or not?

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