East Texas is known for its tall pine trees swaying in the breeze, oil derricks pumping crude from the Earth, huge cattle farms, and those fragrant and vibrantly colored roses. Tourists from all over the world visit East Texas because of these things in addition to its beauty, simplicity, and friendly people. Aside from all the beauty East Texas has to offer, there is an unfortunate stinky side to us too.

Living in East Texas we come to appreciate those attributes but at the same time, we see the other side of things too and have noticed that certain parts of East Texas are stinky! We recently posed the question on our Facebook page asking, "What is the stinkiest town in East Texas?" wanting to know what parts of East Texas are stinky to you.

Of course, living next to a landfill or sewage treatment plant can be pretty stinky. I live in south Tyler and am constantly driving by the sewage treatment plant on Cumberland Rd. near Faulkner Park and it can get pretty stinky when I drive by it.

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So if you're traveling around East Texas you'll probably want to bring along a bottle of Febreeze or Lysol to get the stench out of your upholstered car seats once you drive through these towns. In no way do we think these towns are stinky, we're impartial and this is a user-generated list, we love all of our cities just the same!

Now, here are the stinkiest cities in East Texas according to you!

6 Stinky Cities in East Texas

We didn't come up with the list - PROMISE! This is a user-generated list of the stinkiest cities in East Texas

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EDIT: This was originally published March 2023. 

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