I've been a fan of  Storage Wars on A&E for quite some time. The show is addictive to me because I'm curious as to what they're going to find in these abandoned storage units! Now, A&E has expanded the brand and has created the spin-off Storage Wars Texas.  One of the regulars on the show is a Tylerite, and now I'm watching twice as much Storage Wars!

Victor Rjesnjansky is not a native Texan, but a Long Islander who came to East Texas a few years ago after working on the HGTV Dream Home back in 2007 and decided to stay. He opened a resale shop in Tyler on Highway 31 and began bidding on unpaid storage units here in Texas, something he's been doing for 20 years.

Vick (The Outsider, as he's referred to on the show) joined the Storage Wars Texas team when they were looking to expand the franchise, and he says the Vic you see on TV is the Vic that runs 31 House. So what you see on air on A&E is what you'll get when you visit his store, 31 House at 5428 Highway 31 West in Tyler.

Tonight there is a special Storage Wars Texas Round Up event going on at Coyote Sam's Bar on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler. The event will feature some of the cast members who will answer questions about the show, sign autographs and watch new episodes of Storage Wars Texas with you tonight.

Catch episodes of Storage Wars Texas on A&E.

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