To go outside or not go outside!  That is the question.....

Now that President Trump is weighing in on reopening the country and Friday (April 17th) the Texas Tribune reported Gov. Abbott plans to reopen the State of Texas not many people are too excited about things going "back to normal."

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Personally speaking I am not comfortable resuming day to day operations and I am not alone based off a Gallup Poll that came out on Tuesday (April 14th).

The poll showed that twenty percent of Americans would immediately go back to normal activities while about seventy one percent say they would rather wait to see what happens with the virus first and ten percent said they would limit their daily activities and contact with other indefinitely!

Now while I am not for cutting things out completely I am more skeptic about going outside even more when we don't have a complete idea on when the virus is going to subside.

Would you immediately go back to normal activities if the coronavirus restrictions were eased?

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