Sundays mean laundry at my house.

It never fails, Sunday comes a long and the clothes have piled up once again. I don't understand how I manage to do this every week. Yet, here I was with multiple loads to sort and clean. The saddest part is they are all mine.

I cannot imagine what this will be like if my husband and I have children. I'll never leave the laundry room! Maybe my workout attire is a contributing factor. It seems like there is an outfit for every activity.

I have pajamas - they are not footed, but they are flannel, then I have workout attire for my morning session, then of course it's time to get dressed for work, and then after work there's the lounging attire. Maybe I should find those pj's again.

Like I said, Sunday means laundry... that it is until Game of Thrones is on. Then Sunday is all about the thrones.

Mandee Montana
Mandee Montana

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