During 'Super Shredder Day', you can clear your home of paper clutter and unused electronics! In a partnership with the City of Tyler Solid Waste Department and CBS19, you can bring any paperwork that you no longer need and have it shredded for free (up to 600 pounds). This paper can be cardboard, old phone books, receipts, tax documents, school papers, junk mail - if it's paper, it can be shredded!

If you have an old TV, microwave or computer monitor or other electronic devices, you can recycle them too during Super Shredder Day. There will be a nominal fee of $5 for the recycling of electronic items for residents and $8 for commercial businesses. Tyler Solid Waste says it will accept anything with an electric cord, including but not limited to electronics, computers and metals.

Gather your paper and electronics and bring the to Super Shredded Day on the following dates:

  • April 19th
    Longview - 911 W. Loop 281
  • April 20th
    Tyler - 2211 ESE Loop 323

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