Taco Bell is expanding with 300 fast-paced cantina-style restaurants with no drive thru - BUT - will serve alcoholic beverages by 2022.  From our media partner KLTV, TB will be bringing one of these game-changing fast food joints to the Houston market.

The “Cantina style” restaurant features an open kitchen so you can watch your meal be prepared; they will also offer beer and mixed drinks. There are currently 11 "Cantina style" restaurants in Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Austin just to name a few and the plan is to add more to more other urban locations.

Also, the chain partnered with Lyft to create “Taco mode” which will take riders to a nearby Taco Bell restaurants while going to their destination.

Taco Bell Launches Its New Cantina Restaurant Experience
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Taco Bell has over 7,000 restaurant chains and 5,604 in the United States. I don't know about you, but I'm always in 'taco mode'. Give me one of those Twisted Freezes, too.

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