Tacos are one of the easiest foods to not only make but to consume, unless that is you're trying to open a sauce packet while driving, then you have a challenge on your hand! Hopefully though your responsible enough to not do this while driving!

Being a Texan, I know that tacos rule the menu, especially since you can put nearly anything in a tortilla and call it a taco! Personally, I prefer my tacos made with ground beef or chicken with cheese, a little salsa, a splash of lime juice and maybe a couple of sprigs of cilantro. However, I'm not a fan of the fish taco or vegetable tacos (too west coast for me)! I will though enjoy a taco made of scrambled egg and sausage or bacon!

Tacos mean something different to each of us. Recently the folks over at Wide Open Country decided to see which taco shop ruled the Lone Star State by looking at reviews posted by users on Yelp. They were pretty methodical about how they came up with their top 10 list. Needless to say though, only one of the shops listed in the top 10 had a representation from East Texas.  Torchy's Taco came in their list being the 8th best taco shop in Texas.

Personally, I like Torchy's Tacos not only for their tacos, but for their hatch chili queso, but that's a topic for a different post! Torchy's has one taco that I absolutely love, but it's only available for one month out of the year and its' their chicken and waffle taco. This thing is loaded with a scrambled (or fried) egg, a waffle, CRISPY bacon and a chicken strip all to be wrapped up in a flour tortilla! In my opinion it is the best taco on their menu, but it's only available during the month of March!

Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1
Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

I was kind of surprised that Torchy's Taco was the only taco shack in East Texas making an appearance in this top 10 seeing how many chains we have. There were though a couple from the Dallas area on the list: Meso Maya at #6 and Fuel City in at #1.

All this leads me to ask you the question:

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