You can find great tacos all over the Lone Star State but a recent survey ranked the major Texas cities (Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio) based on tacos and I found that the worst taco city MAY ACTUALLY have one of the best taco shops.

Before I move forward, I recently wrote a post about Wallethub's rankings of community colleges in Texas and apparently I pissed off folks in 2 cities who rather shoot the messenger over the message so hopefully this article about what SOMEBODY ELSE ranked won't ruffle too many that my pettiness is out of the way, let's move forward.

A Real Estate Website Did Some Research And Ranked The Best & Worst Cities For Tacos.

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The folks over at Clever dropped their list of the best taco cities in America using data from the U.S. Census, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Yelp, Numbeo, and Google Trends.

You already know that Texas dominated the rankings. Austin (1) once again was the best taco city in Texas followed by San Antonio (4) and Houston (10) all landing in the top 10 nationally.

But Dallas Ranked As The Worst In Texas.


The Metroplex had a terrible showing in this years ranking landing at Number 20 out of 50 cities in America. That may be "okay" news but I'm wondering if the folks who did the survey took into account that Dallas probably has the BEST TACO restaurant in the state and I'm sure a lot folks will agree with me.

You Can Find The Best Tacos In Texas Here....


Its wild that the worst taco city in Texas has one of the best taco shops in Fuel City Tacos. If you KNOW, YOU KNOW that Fuel City is everyone's go-to favorite in the Metroplex.

One of the things the "rankings" took into account was "the amount of taco restaurants" in the city and Fuel City has several locations but most are in the suburbs instead of Dallas proper so maybe that's why they ranked low.

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